Chris stared at Mona The Vampire for a while. He knew the time to confess was now.

Chris: Mona.

Mona: Yeah?

Chris: I'm having problems right now.

Mona: What's wrong?

Chris: Well, to tell the truth, I think you're the coolest vampire ever.

Mona: Aww Thanks Chris.

Chris: But there's another girl I'm falling for, and her names Mona Parker. Same name as you. And I just don't know who to choose. It's just to difficult.

Chris sighed.

Mona: Can I tell you something?

Chris: Yeah?

Mona: You're going to be shocked with what I'm about to say.

Chris: What is it then?

She leaned toward his ear.

Mona (whispering): I'm Mona Parker.

Chris then became shocked. To prove it, Mona took out her vampire teeth and removed her vampire wig, revealing that it was Mona Parker the whole time. This increased Chris's shock.

Mona: It's me Chris. It was me the whole time.

After lovingly staring at a shocked Chris, she gave him a big hug. A shocked and tearful Chris returned the hug as the 2 embraced.

Chris (voice breaking up): Oh Mona. I like you a lot. Your vampire persona. Your shoes. Your whole body. Everything about you is beautiful.

Mona then stared at him lovingly, hands wrapped around his neck and her feet on his.

Mona: I knew you were gonna say that.

Out of nowhere, she kissed him on the lips. Chris returned the kiss as the 2 shared their first kiss. They broke apart 10 seconds later and Mona pulled Chris in for another hug, kissing his cheek 3 times.

Chris (voice breaking up): I love you Mona.

Mona (whispering): I love you too Chris.

She kissed him again as the 2 share another kiss.