Danny opened the door and saw his mystery date. He immediately gasped as he recognized it was someone he knew from his childhood. He started at her brown booted feet and stopped at her attractive face.

Danny: W…Wendy?

Wendy: Hi Danny-Boy.

She entered the mansion and gave him the biggest hug she ever gave to him. Danny returned the hug as she kissed his cheek. He couldn’t believe it. It really was the Wendy he knew from his childhood.

Wendy (whispering): Did you miss me?

Tears began to stream down Danny’s face.

Danny (whispering): I did. A lot.

Wendy: Aww.

They stopped hugging and stared at each other lovingly. They then touched foreheads and stayed that way for 10 seconds, and then get closer to each other until their lips locked. The 2 childhood friends shared their first kiss as Wendy rubbed his back and planted her booted feet onto his.

They broke apart 15 seconds later and stared at each other lovingly before hugging again.

Danny (whispering, voice breaking up): I love you Wendy.

Wendy: I love you too Danny-Boy. *kisses his cheek*

They then kissed again for another 15 seconds before touching foreheads.

Wendy: You ready to go on our first date in years?

Danny: I am.

Wendy: Aww Danny.

They kissed again for 5 seconds before heading to the car, embraced.