Harry woke up. It was 7:00 am and was looking out the window. 2 minutes later, he felt 3 kisses on his cheek. He turned to the other side and saw her childhood friend now girlfriend Star Butterfly, who gave him 3 brief kisses on the lips before staring at him lovingly, arms wrapped around his chest and her socks rubbing Harry's.

Star: Morning sleepyhead.

Tears began to stream down his face.

Harry: Morning Star.

Star: You ok?

Harry (voice breaking up): I missed you calling me sleepyhead.

Star: Aww!

Star pulled him in for a hug as he softly sobbed.

Star (whispering to his ear): I told you I would be right here when you wake up my Harry-Boy. *kisses his head*

Harry: I love you Star.

Harry: I love you too babe.

They then kissed repeatedly on the lips.