Kirk and Brandy slow danced together, staring at each other lovingly.

Brandy: You wanna know something?

Kirk: Yeah?

Brandy: I've never in my life danced with a cute admirer before. You wanna know who that guy is?

Kirk: Who?

She leaned toward his ear.

Brandy (whispering): You.

Kirk's heart skipped a beat. He was super shocked at what Brandy just said.

Kirk: Me?

Brandy then gave him a big hugged and kissed his cheek twice. Kirk returned the hug as they continued to slow dance. After 1 minute, they stopped hugging and continued to slow dance. After a while, they touched foreheads and looked into each other's eyes, with Kirk blushing over Brandy's beauty, from her beautiful face to her gorgeous legs.

Then it happened. Brandy leaned in and kissed Kirk on the lips. Kirk was super shocked. The girl he always dreamt about was kissing him. He returned the kiss as the 2 kissed passionately while slow dancing.

They broke apart 10 seconds later and hugged tightly. Brandy leaned toward his ear.

Brandy (whispering): I love you. *kisses his ear three times*

Kirk (surprised with what he just heard): I love you too.

After a while of hugging and Brandy repeatedly kissing his cheek, they stared at each other lovingly.

Brandy: Surprised aren't ya?

Kirk: Y...yeah. *looks at her starting at her feet and ending at her face* I love your whole body.

Brandy: Really?

Kirk: Yeah. You're the hottest girl I've ever met.

Brandy: Oh Kirk.

She kissed him again as they shared another 10 second kiss while slow dancing. They broke apart after those 10 seconds and touched foreheads.

Kirk: You wanna sleep with me tonight?

Brandy: Of course Kirk. My sweet little fool.

Kirk (overcome with joy): Oh Brandy. I love you.

Brandy: I love you too Kirk.

They kissed again as they kissed repeatedly on the lips while slow dancing. Later that night, they kissed, caressed, and hugged in Kirk's bed before they fell asleep.

The next morning, Kirk woke up and looked out the window, still thinking about the greatest moment of his life that happened last night. He then felt several kisses on his ear.

Brandy (whispering): Morning Kirk. *continues kissing his ear and cheek*

Kirk: Morning Brandy.

He looked to the other side and saw Brandy putting her hands on his cheeks staring at him lovingly. She then kissed him on the lips as the 2 share a 15 second morning kiss. Her Sandled feet rubbed Kirk's socked feet during the kiss.

They broke apart and stared at each other lovingly, touching foreheads.

Kirk: I love you Brandy.

Brandy: I love you too babe.

They kissed again as they embraced in bed, kissing repeatedly on the lips.