When Mabel returned, she saw Mikey sitting down against the wall, head covered in his arms. She became worried.

Mabel: Mikey, are you ok?

Mikey (voice breaking up): I’m really worried about your character.

He lifted his head up, his eyes red and tears streaming down his face. Mabel gasped.

Mabel: Poor Mikey-Wikey!

Mikey nodded slowly as he began to break down. She then came over and kneeled down to him.

Mabel: Come here!

She then gave a crying Mikey a really big hug. She then kissed his lips 5 times before going back to hugging him, rubbing his back softly as well.

Mabel: Shhh. Mabel's got you Mikey. Mabel's got you.

Mikey (voice breaking up): I really hope you didn’t die in that bubble. After seeing that episode, I felt that I would lose you forever.

Mabel: Aww Mikey-Wikey! It’s ok. I survived Wierdmageddon. Bill’s defeated, and I’m right here with you. **kisses his cheek**

Mikey (voice breaking up): I know…but I’m still so worried!

Mabel: Aww.

Mabel tightened her hug and kissed Mikey’s cheek 5 times.

Mabel: Somebody needs some extra kisses tonight. And a lot of foot rubbing.

Mikey (voice breaking up): In your socks and shoes?

Mabel: Always in my socks and shoes.

Mikey (voice breaking up): I can’t wait.

Mabel: I can’t wait too. **kisses his cheek**

Mabel then kissed Mikey’s lips for 10 seconds. They then broke apart and touched foreheads.

Mikey (voice breaking up): I love you Mabel-Wabel.

Mabel: I love you too Mikey-Wikey.

They kissed again as they kissed repeatedly on the lips.

Mikey and Mabel laid in bed together kissing repeatedly and caressing. They broke apart minutes later and stared at each other lovingly, with Mabel scratching his back.

Mikey: Mabel-Wabel. 

Mabel: Mikey-Wikey. 

She kissed his lips again before continuing to stare at him lovingly.

Mikey: I’m worried.

Mabel: Why? 

Mikey: I…I just really don’t want to lose you.

Mabel: Aww. Don’t worry Mikey. I’ll always be with you no matter what.

Mikey: Yeah. But every time I’m alone, I feel scared. I keep having nightmares and…after seeing that episode…I really hope it doesn’t worsen. I really hope I don’t lose you the same way I lost my parents years ago. And…And…

Mikey sighed and put his head on Mabel’s chest. She proceeded to rub his hair lovingly.

Mabel: Do you want me to move in with you?

Mikey’s heart skipped a beat and his eyes widened.

Mikey: Yes. I really want you too.

Mabel: Ok. I’ll move in with you sweetie. My little Mikey-Wikey.

They stared at each other lovingly before kissing on the lips briefly and then they hugged tightly.

Mikey: I love you Mabel-Wabel.

Mabel: I love you too Mikey-Wikey.

They then kissed again as they continued to kiss repeatedly on the lips while still laying in bed.