Mikey: So, who's the sweetheart in the text?

Mabel: Guess.

Mikey: Is it Dipper?

Mabel: Nope. He's my brother.

Mikey: Gideon?

Mabel: H*ll, no! I can't stand that son of a b*tch!

Mikey: Mermando?

Mabel: Nah. Didn't like him anyways.

Mikey: Sean?

Mabel: Oh, please.

Mikey: Gumball?

Mabel: Nah. If it was, I'd have competition. Big time.

Mikey: Jimmy?

Mabel: Nu Uh.

Mikey: Peter?

Mabel: Nope.

Mikey: *sigh* I give up. Who is it?

Mabel: Remember the text that I sent to you asking you to My sleepover yesterday? It said, 'Will you be the icing in my cupcake?’

Mikey: Oh yeah. I remember that.

Mabel: That and the text from a week ago are about the same person.

Mikey's eyes widened in surprise, astonishment, and joy.

Mikey: You mean—

Mabel: You're my sweetheart Mikey.

Mikey, still shocked, slowly walked towards Mabel, who followed suit until they were only inches apart. Mabel put her hands around Mikey's neck, he put his around her waist, and their lips connected, with Mabel scratching Mikey's back while the kiss continued. After ten seconds, they broke apart, smiles beginning to form. Mikey leaned towards Mabel's ear.

Mikey (whispering): I love you Mabel.

Mabel (whispering back to Mikey's ear): I love you too. Now kiss me you fool.

Mikey complied without hesitation, feeling the warmth and smoothness of her lips on his as Mabel continued to scratch his back.