Mikey (text): You know something Mabel. Sometimes I feel sad.

Mabel (text): Why? What's wrong?

Mikey (text): It's just that every time I sleep alone, I feel depressed. I keep thinking about the sad things that happened in my life before living in the Lone Wolf Mansion.

Mabel (text): Aw Mikey-Wikey! It's ok.

Mikey (text): I know. I just feel like I'm afraid sometimes.

Mabel (text): You want me to come over and sleep with you?

Mikey (text): Yes Mabel-Wabel. I'd love that.

Mabel (text): OK! I'm on my way right now! I'll give you extra kisses once I get there.

Mikey (text): Sounds great! I love it when you kiss my lips.

Mabel (text): Oh Mikey-Wikey! You're so sweet!

Mikey (text): I Love you Mabel-Wabel.

Mabel (text): I Love you too Mikey-Wikey! :)

Mabel (text): I'll be there in 10 minutes sweetie!

Mikey (text): Ok.