Spike laid in bed looking out his window. Tears were rolling down his face and his eyes were red. His childhood crush, Jane, is dead, and he's still depressed.

The door opened and he heard the sounds of boots walking into his room. He realized it was his girlfriend Rarity, who stands there looking at Spike worried.

Rarity: You ok Spike?

No response until Spike shook his head, sniffing hard. Rarity came over and sat next to him. She kissed his cheek before rubbing his back softly. Spike began to cry and leaned over to Rarity's lap. She kissed his cheek again and continued to console a sobbing Spike by rubbing his back softly.

Spike (voice breaking up): Why'd she had to die so soon?

Rarity: Aww. I'm so sorry Spike.

She gave him a kiss on the lips before continuing to rub a sobbing Spike's back.

Rarity: Shhh. I'm right here darling. I'm right here.

She kissed his cheek as she continued to comfort him.